Are Military Leaders Being Asked If They Are Willing To Fire On The American People?

Jim Garrow, executive director of the Bethune Institute’s Pink Pagoda Girls school and rescue outreach in China. claims he was given information by a top military veteran that the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for new military leaders is whether or not they will obey an order to fire on U.S. citizens.

We possess weapons of tremendous power–but they are least effective in combating the weapons most often used by freedom’s foes: subversion, infiltration, guerrilla warfare, civil disorder. – John F. Kennedy’s University of Washington Speech, 16 Nov. 1961


I originally posted this story, which was far more detailed, along with the following video, on 14 April 2013.  Today on 23 April 2013, I just discovered that my original article is missing. So I will post it again.  Before I did so the first time, I took two weeks to think it over, as I do not take the accusations that Dr. Garrow makes against Barack Obama lightly and I live on a tiny island surrounded by Obama supporters. Please note that Dr. Garrow is Canadian, so there is no partisan mud slinging here.  However, if a reporter can publish a story and hide behind the ‘Shield Law’, then why can’t an honorable man with nothing to gain and everything to loose say what his conscience demands?  To have this kind of knowledge and remain silent would indeed be wrong.  Yet, let me state that there is absolutely no evidence to support Dr. Garrow’s claims at this time. However, in light of the fact that I did discover my first article missing, I am determined to let his voice be heard.  


The main question that I have is why, if this story has any merit to it and that is a big if,would President Obama put this burden on the military, rather than Homeland Security?   Does he really have so little respect for our troops?  Please understand that I am no fan of Barack Obama.  He may be an adequate fund raiser and community organizer, but I see absolutely no leadership skills in the man at all. Dictating executive orders does seem to be his specialty. Furthermore, five years ago Glenn Beck provided strong evidence to support a charge that Obama is a closet Marxist among other things, which the President has not denied.  Marxism is hostile to the U.S. Constitution which protects our liberties and it is an ideology of which I am very much opposed.

Please compare this speech made more than fifty years ago by John F. Kennedy with where we as Americans are today.  I also suggest that the entire West is in the same boat!  For those who want to know how we got here, please see:

“United States Constitution – The Original Intent”, in my Documentaries Section, it will open your eyes!

I urge Conservatives and Liberals to reach out to each other, if we want to survive as a nation. Liberals are not Progressive/Marxists and Fascists, though many do hide among them and Conservatives are not Anarchists.  We must get a grip on who we are and cherish our heritage and value of the individual. 

 Screw the Collective!!

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