Boy Scouts Giving in to Ban on Leadership That is Openly Gay


Robert Gates, President of Boy Scouts of America (BSA/BS), wants to end the ban on openly gay scout leaders.


Working within a culture that now allows itself to be bullied into secular conformity, we all knew that it was just a matter of time before the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) would give in to the pressures of politically correct (PC) censorship and control. The gay community has been boldly stepping out of the closet for years now and it would be foolish to expect them to step back in. After all, as U.S. Secretary of Defense, Gates helped end the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy that barred openly gay individuals from serving in the military. Though I do not argue for discrimination against anyone,  I do believe in the right to be free from values with which I disagree. Case in point, do those who constantly attack the presence of Christianity and it’s influence in the public arena, as the right to “freedom from religion,” really have the right to force their lifestyle values and choices on those of us who want to be “free” from theirs? Unlike the armed services, the BSA is a private organization, so should they not be allowed to run their business as they see fit? After all, morals and ethics do not have to be based on tenets of faith, to be offensive to others!

In a speech delivered at an annual national BS meeting in Atlanta, Mr. Gates said that the ban on openly gay adult leaders needs to end, so he does not intend to revoke the charters of BS councils that allow gay mentors. On the other hand, he also declared that he was not asking the national board to make any policy changes at this time either. That, Robert Gates was a Boy Scout who attained the rank of Eagle Scout gives influence to his opinion among the leaders of this organization.

We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be, …any other alternative will be the end of us as a national movement.

Mr. Gates claimed that with the risk of potential employment-discrimination lawsuits and the impending Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, as well as mounting internal dissent over the exclusionary policy, led him to conclude that the current rules “cannot be sustained.” Moreover, he charged that if the Scouts do not change on their own, change will be forced on them by the courts

We must all understand that this will probably happen sooner rather than later.

Yet, he assured that religious organizations that sponsor a majority of local Scout troops, should remain free to set their own guidelines for leaders. So for now, the values of some parents are safe from threat.

By protecting the rights of Scout leaders to be openly gay about their homosexuality with America’s youth is certainly a first step towards dismantling the policy altogether. 

If we wait for the courts to act, we could end up with a broad ruling that could forbid any kind of membership standard. Robert Gates, 21 May 2015, Annual Boy Scouts of America Conference, Atlanta, Georgia

Those who argue for change see this as a step forward, but those who cherish the Boy Scouts as it has always been and want it to stay that way, do see the hand writing on the wall. Therefore, a Christian youth group, Trail Life USA, was formed as an alternative to the Boy Scouts after the 2013 policy change that opened the door to gay youth. For those who believe that core values should align with the God they recognize and serve as unchanging, Trail Life USA may be the answer.


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