Do The Great Epics of Homer Have Baltic Origins?

Epics of Homer – Baltic Origins?

If you are a fan of great literature like I am, then I have a treat for you. The Iliad and the Odyssey are works of art credited to the Mycenaean culture of the last phase of the Bronze Age (1600–1100 BC) located in the Mediterranean area of ancient Greece. However, from the evidence of their research classical scholars like John Bagnell Bury (1861-1927) concluded that much of the setting for Homer’s tales actually took place around the Black Sea, but what if they are all wrong? What if they are not even close? 

These tales were told long before the birth of Homer; Nevertheless,  it is to this blind poet that honor is awarded. A most excellent  poet, Homer took two lumps of coal and polished them into diamonds of literary virtue. The Iliad and the Odyssey allow us to look back into a time far removed from where we are now, yet meet people with the same human character flaws of pride, selfishness, uncontrolled rage that is later regretted and equally matched with strengths of virtue such as duty, honor, loyalty, love and humility. That divinities are also engaged in the outcome of the Trojan War and Odysseus struggle to return to Penelope, we see a people who lived in a porous world where spirit beings were just as valid as the individuals they had to deal with on a daily basis. For centuries many people just dismissed the Iliad and the Odessey as great reads with no real historical merit, then in 1871, Heinrich Schliemann proved to the world that they were not just tales of fiction after all.

Fast forward to our own time with new ideas emerging of who the Mycenaeans were and where they came from, could it really be the Baltic Sea? Just consider the evidence of what the speaker has to say, because if you know much about these two great epics, you will definitely be entertained. Therefore, I present to you an interview from one of my favorite stations Red Ice Radio. Located in Sweden this station goes for subject matter that is mysterious and often controversial. If you like Coast to Coast, you will love Red Ice Radio.



Felice Vinci is a nuclear engineer, amateur historian and author of The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales, The Illiad, The Odyssey and The Migration of Myth. William Mullen received his BA in Classics from Harvard College and his PhD from the University of Texas. He was a Professor or post-doctoral Fellow at Berkeley, Princeton, Boston University, and Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies and St. John’s College. Dr. Mullen settled in the Classics Department at Bard College in 1985. Felice shares compelling evidence that the events of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey took place in the Baltic and not the Mediterranean. For years scholars have debated the incongruities in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, given that his descriptions are at odds with the geography of the areas he purportedly describes. Felice and Bill discuss how a climate change forced the migration of a people and their myth to ancient Greece. Felice identifies the true geographic sites of Troy and Ithaca in the Baltic Sea and Calypso’s Isle in the North Atlantic Ocean. We’ll hear where the story suggests that the events took place in the Baltic, such as Ulysses’ journey along what sounds like the coasts of Norway. Also, we talk about why some tribes in Northern Europe might have stayed during the climate change. Later, we compare Homeric poems with Viking mythology to find similarities and compare Greco-Roman Gods and Goddesses to Norse Gods and Goddesses. Felice Vinci offers a key to open many doors that allow us to consider the age-old question of the Indo-European diaspora and the origin of the Greek civilization from a new perspective. Red Ice Radio

For your pleasure I have also added an outstanding audio version of The Odyssey – If the story is unknown to you then you will enjoy what you hear. If the movie version is all you know, then you will discover the texts to be far superior. On the other hand, if you know the work, but it has been along time, then enjoy the review and weep for the youth of today who are taught nothing about these great works but are filled with empty video games.

A Great Classic – The Odyssey



Homer in the Baltic (“The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales”)

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