Dirty Harry Reid – For The Party No Punch is Too Low!


Shameless political hack, senior Democrat Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, recently admitted that in the summer of 2012, he boldly lied about Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of failing to pay taxes for 10 years.  So what else has this crook lied about over the years?

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In the very close election of 2012, Obama needed all the help that he could get. As long as Barack Obama could benefit from such slander, why should he chastise anyone who would hurl a stink bomb on his behalf?  Obama only criticizes those who  disagree with him and stand in the way of his agenda!
What does this say about the Democrat Party? If a Republican pulled a stunt like this, the Press would build a bonfire for the liar! So will any Democrats stand up and speak out? I guess not!As for Fowler’s accusation that the Republican Party smeared Obama as foreign born. Get the facts straight, that barb originally came from the Clinton camp. Please read my article “Barack Obama Mystery – Dereliction of The Press” for more information, because BO was NOT born in Hawaii.

What about these allegations against Reid? Of course, being a Democrat the Press is not even interested! 

Now lets talk about other activities that Harry Reid is known for. As reported by Daniel Harper, on 23 April 2014, in the Weekly Standard, the current Minority Leader of the Senate is just having a bad week. What else would you call so much bad exposure/truth about a politician made known to the public in just a matter of days? After all, Reid has “served” in Congress since 1987.

  • Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports revealed Harry Reid funneled $31,000 to his granddaughter’s jewelry company for what a spokesperson claimed was holiday gifts of “jewelry” and Democrat “knick knacks.”
  • Reid lobbied a local city council to help land his son Josh a city attorney’s post. He has also been accused of helping another son—Ryan Elisabeth’s father, Rory—get legal clients, and of taking a special interest in Asian investors represented by Rory.

Revelations such as these can only be the tip of Harry’s dastardly deeds. Like his partner in crime, Barack Obama, Reid is a national disgrace!

Good News! Harry Reid is retiring or not seeking re-election in 2016! Perhaps now even good time Harry knows that his ‘jig is up.’ In recent weeks tongues have been wagging about an “accident” Reid had at home when working out with some gym equipment, with which he lost control. The official story goes like this, on New Year’s Day 2015, in Las Vegas, 76 year old Harry Reid decided to work out but lost his balance when an elastic exercise band broke.  The result was multiple broken bones around his right eye, damage to the right eye, severe facial bruising, broken ribs, and a concussion. I suppose such injuries are possible but unlikely. Shrewd observers speculate that Reid’s injuries are more in line with a brass knuckle beating. As an adolescent, Reid was a feisty, amateur boxer. Perhaps he finally upset the wrong kind of people who believe in settling arguments the old fashioned way.

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Business Insider quotes Harry Reid as saying,

I was raised where you settled your differences physically. I still have a little of that in me and I’m fighting that all the time. I don’t want to be mean to people. Walter Hickey, 21 Nov. 2012, Business Insider

Well I guess that Whore House Harry no longer cares about throwing a dirty punch and “being mean to people.”


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