Globalism – Two Fronts

Globalist Tyranny

Globalism – Within the West, those who seek a one world government under the direction of the United Nations have been setting the bricks of infrastructure/tyranny in place for some time now. Though the evidence of this claim is undeniable, many who advocate for this new direction want the public to remain uninformed and unconcerned so that they do not cause trouble and delay or stop any active efforts set in place. That is why most main stream news (MSN) networks down play any information published that reveal these truths as “Conspiracy Theories” or “Right Wing” “Conservative” “fear mongering” “racist” “Christian,” “uneducated and even “anti-intellectual.”

Globalist Assault of Totalitarian Tyranny – Agenda 21

This attack on humanity is coming from two directions and as I stated on my home page, though they detest each other, they have much in common and for now they are working together:

  • Agenda 21 – Collectivist ideology that wears a friendly mask of environmental concerns. Using natural human desire for a clean and greener world as a motivating factor to argue against the need for national sovereignty, it advocates redefinition of national identity on globalist terms. Secular values of moral depravity are promoted to advance rampant hedonism that serves to disengage the public from discourse that raises any issues of concern about the growing danger.

Globalist Assault of Totalitarian Tyranny – Islamo Fascism

  • Islamo-Fascism – Fascism that wears a religious mask, yet is very militant and political with an aggressive agenda. Those who identify with this more extreme side of Islam seek to force people of the non-Islamic world into embracing their particular 7th century interpretation of the faith or subjugate them to those who do.

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