Course – Agenda 21

Agenda 21 Explained, full version

This is a course on Agenda 21 and it is divided into 10 easy lessons. Credit for the hard work of this program goes to Agenda 21 I seem to remember a PayPal donate button on their website, but now I cannot find it. They certainly deserve our appreciation and support for their work. In addition, I have also included information and documentary videos from other sources to bring this matter home in the most comprehensive way possible. Furthermore, I will be adding more material as it becomes available. 

This program was was assembled through the collaborative efforts of individuals with backgrounds as diverse as business, education, and citizen activism. We must restore and preserve the liberty, sovereignty, and founding principles on which the United States was founded.

When you are done with the ten topical lessons and the accompanying materials, you will  understand what Agenda 21 is and its full impact on you, your family, and your country. Further, you will have enough knowledge to go out into your community and begin to change the course of America-for the better!  

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