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Fast Forward How The West is Being Destroyed!

Not that we don’t have enough problems in the United States to worry about, because we certainly do, but if we fail to look beyond our own borders we miss the bigger picture of what is going on. The bad news is that evil and crazy are out there, always have been but now increase at an incredible rate. The good news is that we are not alone and can help each other, but first we must be informed about what is going on.

This section focuses on alarming trends arising in other Western nations. Though outlandish tales of corrupt individuals in high places is universal, the real issue of our day is how quickly and thoroughly destructive policies and laws are being implemented on local and national levels that are designed to unravel the very fabric of Western societies and debase their cultures.  Make no mistake Europe is in serious trouble. Held up as an example of what secular social elitists think all nations of the West should strive to become, sweet little Sweden is being transformed into a nightmare. This country and it’s gentle people are being crucified on the altars of Marx and Allah. Sweden is the canary in the coal mine; Therefore, I shine much light on this lovely land.

The idea is to crush Western identity and concepts of right and wrong as good and evil are often turned upside down. Such ambition is international in scope and well coordinated with cooperation at play among various nefarious agencies and their minions to achieve desired end results. Of course, the United Nations is always a well deserved and usual suspect. A few of the ways by which the West is being deconstructed include:

  • Decades of politically correct (PC) censorship designed to silence individuals, control public discourse and retard critical thinking.
  • Deliberate immigration at absurd levels to affect the political landscape, disrupt social cohesion and drain the economy through welfare entitlements. 
  • Traditional values trashed and those who cling to them painted as “Fascists”
  • Breakdown of the family unit, the State becomes more important
  • Sex as a favorite sport, the more weird the better!
  • Socialist propaganda through campaigns for “social justice” and perverted ideas of what it takes to be an educated and open minded person are destroying the West.

Far too many once fine Western institutions are buying into the ridiculous logic of social engineers who seek to transform their societies into a totalitarian state/globalist utopia. The secularists of the Collectivist camp want a Marxist paradise united under the banner of the Environmental Movement. Driven by the fear of climate change, dedication to mother Earth (Gaia), will be the new faith, as recognition of the “truth” of climate change and agreement with with UN efforts to combat it are the first qualities of what it means to be a “good” and “moral” person. Then we have the Muslim Brotherhood weaving their web of tyranny throughout the free societies of the West. Do what ever it takes seems to be the mantra, because each believes that their cause is just or righteous. Regardless of all this dreary darkness, sometimes I will deliver a story to lighten the heart and lift the spirit, because goodness is out there too and desperate to be known!

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