Pamela Geller Targeted By Foes Of Free Speech


Pamela Geller, an advocate for public awareness of Islamic threat doctrines and free speech, is often targeted for censure by those who hate the founding principles of everything that the United States of America stands for.


Freedom of speech threatened in the United States by Islamo-fascists and their useful idiot sidekicks for years. Nurtured by Leftists everywhere to indoctrinate proper thought and attitude to support the destructive policies of multiculturalism, as well as neutralize any critical voices of the opposition, Islamo-fascism has been encouraged to thrive in western lands, when it should have been crushed years ago. At last, Europeans are waking up to the growing danger in their midst, but it took the massacre at Charlie Hebdo in Paris to rally them to take public action. What will it take for the American people to do the same? 

Geller’s popular blog Atlass Shrugs, was attacked and thrown offline for a few days by those who want to silence her. However, now her site is up again and she is back with a vengeance; Perhaps, we should all follow her lead! 

As Geller explains in an article she posted in WND on 18 Jan. 2015, her site Atlas Shrugs was targeted by “Jihadis and their leftist errand boys.” In a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, a website is made unavailable by overwhelming it with so much traffic from multiple sources that the system collapses.

The DDoS attack didn’t just take down my site. It also took down Media Temple and threatened all of their clients, and even attacked the servers that Media Temple uses at Net Data Center, a service provider that promises “uninterrupted operations.” Net Data Center could not handle the massive traffic that the attackers were sending to my site to take it down, and finally had to pull the plug on Atlas Shrugs. Pamela Geller, Jan. 2015, WND

Geller declares that her site is devoted to honest news reporting about jihad activity and claims that the timing of the attack was noteworthy, because of ads she runs in San Fransisco that call attention to Islamic Jew-hatred. Geller credits the ads for shinning a big national and international spot light on the problem. In addition,  she held a free speech rally last Saturday to counter the “Stand with the Prophet” conference held in Garland, Texas. According to Geller, this conference was about supporting the dignity of Muhammad, which requires censoring of any speech that smacks of “Islamophobia,” and from the Judge Jeanine video clip below, she appears to be right!


Pamela Geller is not just a blogger, she is an author, activist and commentator. She and Robert Spencer founded the Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). Unfortunately, both organizations were labeled as ‘hate groups’ by the increasingly totalitarian government of the UK and Geller was banned from entering the country in 2013.  Clearly, those who want to exercise freedom of speech, an American birth right, must now expect to pay a high price for that privilege.

Does Freedom of Speech Still Exist in the United Kingdom?

How About Other Parts of the European Union?

To keep critics silent and control what conversation does take place, Leftist/Marxists bullies have redefined the meaning of words:

Conservative, Constitutional, Traditional now means – Right Wing Radical, anti- immigrant, racist, anti-woman, homophobic, gun nut, Nazi

In short the radical Left has successfully redefined the word fascist to mean anyone who questions Barack Obama’s legitimacy to serve as President of the United States, defends the U.S. Constitution, the American flag, is a serious Christian, owns a gun, holds traditional values, demands accountability from government officials, etc…In other words the mom and apple pie America of the past. Freedom fighters are now those who silence these trouble makers so that government can continue to expand and exercise authority to crush the individual, so that finally, we are all equal. That is equal under the oppressive yoke of elitists who want to implement their social engineering programs!

Behold A Fascist

According to the Looney Left!

the Left's Idea of a Fascist

Evil often operates by turning everything inside out and upside down. So to understand just where this nation is headed take a good look at Europe. Intellectually paralyzed by socialism, Europeans are starting to wake up to the terror that is Islam on a good day! It behooves us all to speak out now while we still can, but time is short!! 

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are absolutely right about the growing threat of Islam! Furthermore, Muslims do not have to be radicalized to be a threat to the West!   People have a right to question and criticize politicians and their policies. We have a right to question a religion that imposes it’s hair trigger sensitivities on our freedom of speech. Why is it OK to criticize Christianity and mock Jesus but Islam gets a free pass? Why are we allowing nasty leftist radicals to silence us through the excuse of political correctness or social sensitivity, when our own values and sensitivities are stepped on?

This video was made in 2008, the estimated time presented for Europe to become a Caliphate is incorrect. In just 10 years to 15 years this goal will be achieved as many Europeans will convert to Islam just to survive the growing hostility that they will face.


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