Plots by ISIS to Attack and Behead Victims at Random, Growing in The West – Ongoing Update

Australia, the ‘Land Down Under,’ is about as far away from most of the world’s crazy as anyone can hope to get, but even they have been targeted for a reality check by the world’s newest cauldron of evil, known as ISIS. With plans to pull citizens off the streets of Sidney at random and publicly video tape their beheadings the threat has been neutralized……for now. However, in recent days, stories have emerged that even peaceful Scandinavia was rocked with such fears this summer.

In July Norway was under a terror alert as “centrally placed sources” told Norwegian television and radio station NRK Muslim militants who probably sympathize with ISIS had planned to slaughter a whole family with knives, film it and publish it as a warning. 

The extremists were planning to break into a house, cut the throats of all the residents and a post video of the atrocity on the Internet. It was supposed to be a random house. …23 Sept. 2014, the Baltimore Sun

Not to worry, the blood lust of these vile and demented servants of Satan (ISIS) is unquenchable, so they will try again.

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On 25 Sept. 2014, information was released to the American people that Iraqi Intelligence has uncovered a plot that subway systems in the United States and Paris are being targeted by ISIS for attack. Though not mentioned specifically, New York City (NYC) is sure to be on their list. Yet, it would be foolish to assume that NYC would be their only objective. After all, we have many large cities in the United States with intricate subway systems.

Though no statements have yet come forth from Washington or Paris, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says that the conspiracy is the work of foreign fighters from ISIS in Iraq. However, Mr. al-Abadi’s claim has yet to be independently confirmed. For more information on this story see source link below.

Today, while I’m here (United Nations General Assembly) I’m receiving accurate reports from Baghdad that there were arrests of a few elements and there were networks from inside Iraq to have attacks … on metros of Paris and in the United States. They are not Iraqis. Some of them are French, some of them are Americans, but they are in Iraq.  Haider al-Abadi, Prime Minister of Iraq

 Fortunately, for the citizens of Australia they have a Prime Minister who knows what he is doing and cares about his people. Even so, Australians may still want to rethink their gun control laws. Since ISIS cannot be counted on to conveniently choose only law-abiding citizens, those who arm themselves are more likely to disrupt any violent video plans for propaganda purposes, life does not get better than that!

What do we Americans have? In the United States we have a problem border with Mexico and a president who has pretty much given ISIS an open invitation to waltz right in with government assistance to make them feel more comfortable. We have Barack Obama and though that is no comforting thought, we still have our guns!! In fact, a vicious murder/beheading in Oklahoma on the 26 Sept. 2014, proves my point that many, but certainly not all citizens, should be armed.

Now 1 Oct. 2014, someone who once attended the same mosque that Alton Nolen attended, claims that radical teachings are indeed taught at that location.  Should we really be  surprised?

Terror in Australia!

As reported in Fox News, Australian counter-terrorism forces detained 15 people Thursday in a series of suburban raids after receiving intelligence that the Islamic State movement was planning public beheadings in two Australian cities to demonstrate it’s reach.

About 800 federal and state police officers raided more than a dozen properties across 12 Sydney suburbs as part of the operation — the largest in Australian history, Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Andrew Colvin told the Associated Press. Separate raids in the eastern cities of Brisbane and Logan were also conducted.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the plan involved kidnapping randomly selected members of the public off the streets in Sydney and Brisbane, beheading them on camera, and releasing the recordings through Islamic State’s propaganda arm in the Middle East. 

Police allege that orders for the attacks came from Mohammad Ali Baryalei, a 33-year-old former Sydney nightclub bouncer who is believed to be the highest-ranking Australian in Islamic State, also known as ISIS. A 22-year-old Sydney man, Omarjan Azari, appeared in court Thursday and is accused of conspiring with Baryalei and others to act in preparation for or plan a terrorist act or acts. 

Prosecutor Michael Allnutt declared,

He was involved in a plan to commit extremely serious offenses that was clearly designed to shock and horrify the public.

It is not immediately clear what sentence Azari faces if convicted. The accused did not apply for bail and did not enter a plea. His next court appearance was set for November 13.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott also told reporters that he had been briefed on Wednesday night about the operation and discussed the planned beheadings.

That’s the intelligence we received. The exhortations — quite direct exhortations — were coming from an Australian who is apparently quite senior in ISIL to networks of support back in Australia to conduct demonstration killings here in this country. This is not just suspicion, this is intent and that’s why the police and security agencies decided to act in the way they have. Prime Minister Tony Abbott

ISIL is another name for the militant group that has established control over large parts of Iraq and Syria. The planned public attacks were to resemble the murder of Lee Rigby, a British soldiers who was attacked and killed in May 2013 by two Nigerian-born Muslim converts near the Royal Artillery Barracks in southeast London.

The arrests come just days after the country raised its terror warning to the second-highest level in response to the domestic threat posed by supporters of ISIS.

Police believe that this group that we have executed this operation on today had the intention and had started to carry out planning to commit violent acts here in Australia. Those violent acts particularly related to random acts against members of the public. So what we saw today and the operation that continues was very much about police disrupting the potential for violence against the Australian community at the earliest possible opportunity. Andrew Colvin, Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner and acting Federal Police Commissioner

New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione added,

Right now is a time for calm. We need to let people know that they are safe, and certainly from our perspective, we know that the work this morning will ensure that all of those plans that may have been on foot have been thwarted.

Last week, Australian police arrested two men in Brisbane for allegedly preparing to fight in Syria, recruiting jihadists and raising money for the Al Qaeda offshoot group Jabhat al-Nusra, also known as the Nusra Front. Colvin said the raids conducted in Brisbane on Thursday were a follow-up to that operation. It was not yet clear how the investigations in Sydney and Brisbane were linked, he said.

However, Fairfax Media reported that the arrests of the men averted a terror attack by mere days.

The government raised its terrorism threat last week from “medium” to “high” on a four-tier scale on the advice of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization. The domestic spy agency’s Director-General David Irvine said the threat had been rising over the past year, mainly due to Australians joining ISIS to fight in Syria and Iraq.

When announcing the elevated threat level, Abbott stressed that there was no information suggesting a terror attack was imminent.

Police said at the time there was no terrorist threat to the Group of 20 leaders’ summit to be hosted by Brisbane in November which will bring President Barack Obama and other leaders of the world’s 20 biggest economies to the Queensland state capital.

Australia has estimated about 60 of its citizens are fighting for ISIS and the Nusra Front in Iraq and Syria. Another 15 Australian fighters had been killed, including two young suicide bombers.

The government has said it believes about 100 Australians are actively supporting extremist groups from within Australia, recruiting fighters and grooming suicide bomber candidates as well as providing funds and equipment.

I can see that this article will have to be updated on a regular basis, because threats from ISIS and it’s splinter groups will continue to grow. Regardless of ideology or faith in a false (demonic) god, these people have tasted human blood and they like it. Therefore, even in Hawaii, safety from these monsters cannot be taken for granted.

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