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I can no longer remain silent about the political games going on in this country; Therefore, I am now an activist commentator. Politics is all about being a flawed human being and trying to work things out with other flawed human beings. However, when power enters the equation, it behooves us to be informed on the issues and the motivating factors, both reported, as well as under reported, that influence our elected officials to act, react or even fail to act in the ways that they do. I will try to present my stories with humor, but people who sell thenselves as “public servants of the people” and then proceed to rob us and run our lives need to be put in their place.

Yes, I am a Conservative, but I am finding that the dichotomy between Left and Right may be more of an illusion than many people want to believe.  In the next few months I will be examining just how our precious Republic is being sold out to Collectivism, also known as Communism, Marxism, Fascism and Globalism. Globalism is an offense against United States sovereignty, as well as an attack on our constitutional rights and liberties. This section is about politics, so at times expect it to get hot and steamy!

Shall we start with Whore House Harry!images (4)

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