People I Like

This section is for people that I like and want to recommend as those who consistently contribute to national or even international discussions about issues that impact all of us, if not today, it is certain they will tomorrow.  This list is not complete, it will continue to grow as I find the time to add other names.  Sometimes, I will refer to many of these people in future articles, so another good reason to introduce them early.  I have many more favorites, but I cannot list them all. I chose these individuals because they are reliable, present material of excellent quality and are principled with values that generally align with my own. Yet, at times I may not agree with a particular idea, nor will you, that is to be expected.  However, these people add significantly to intelligent discourse and that is certainly needed today.  

Then there is my National Treasures Section, where I introduce individuals or groups that are a true credit to the United States in such a way that their appeal reaches across various boundaries of political, generational and cultural differences. People in this section are natural ambassadors that shine with brilliant talent and remarkable creativity. These people present a bright and positive image of the American people and are a credit to our nation.

I wish that I could list all of my preferred commentators, politicians, activists, cultural and religious inspirations all at once, but I think it better to add them in slowly and politely.  


Herman Cain 

Ann Bernhardt

Zudi Jasser

Rocking Mr.E

Kevin Underhill




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