Pension Cuts For The Military, Let’s Cut The Presidential Retirement Benefits!


In late 2013, Congress announced that cuts were to be made on pensions and benefits of military retirees. My response at that time was to cut presidential retirement benefits; I have not changed my mind and I invite you to consider the idea!

Barack Obama

Though voices of public outcry may have prompted Congress to quickly restore the pensions of working military retirees, Pentagon officials still continue to think of ways they can cut pay and benefits for members of the military, both active duty and retirees. Advocacy groups for the military have found it difficult to lobby on their behalf against Obama’s priority of welcoming and settling, at tax payer expense, the thousands of illegal aliens who cross our open and unsecured border with Mexico everyday.

Since Barack Obama became President of the United States (POTUS) in 2008, military members and their families:

  • Make up 25 percent of all food stamp recipients or get their supplies through local food banks and other charitable programs across the country. Their use of this government assistance, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), has increased by more than 300% since 2007.
  • Have endured unspeakable neglect by many of the nation’s VA hospitals that were specifically built for their benefit.
  • Suffered incredibly high casualties and unnecessary life changing wounds, because of Obama’s enemy friendly “Rules of Engagement” policy. That 22 veterans commit suicide every day is heartbreaking, just one more national tragedy.

That an exhausted Congress has had to deal with  Obama’s annual budget games and gave in, to avoid government shutdowns, was a big mistake to the minds of many of us. For a “leader” who is clueless about what it takes to lead, this president’s little song and dance only exhibits his strategy of wearing people down. However, this time the victims were retired and disabled military veterans. If only Obama could treat all the American people the way he does the members of our Armed Forces, then we could all be useful wall paper for his photo ops, hold his umbrella and eagerly comply with his superior vision for our nation. Anyway, the next Marxist/Fascist thug that our main stream news media (MSM) approves and pushes the young and vapid, the constitutionally clueless and those who are ideologically driven to support a socialist system, will make Obama look like a saint.  After all, if a candidate can get elected to the highest office of the land without proper vetting and regardless of meeting at least one known constitutional eligibility requirement, then anyone can do it. This president has set a new precedent, not just as the worst that this nation has ever endured, but as Commander in Chief, he is a gift to our enemies!

Barack Obama is so ridiculous as a Commander in Chief, that he cannot even display the dignity due his office  long enough to set a cup of coffee down in order to return a proper salute.  This president does not respect our troops, his words are cheap, his actions and attitudes speak volumes!


Navy SEAL Scott Taylor Fires Back After Obama Likens GI Bill to Welfare

Scott Taylor

These military pensions and benefits are not welfare, they were earned!  I come from a military family, I served 10 years in the Army, my sister served 4 years, my brother retired after 23 years in the Marine Corps, my mother served in the Navy during the Korean War, where she met my father, who survived the bloody battle of Tarawa, then retired at the time when Vietnam was becoming a divisive issue among the American people. Like so many others, my elderly father and my brother would have been affected. The way our World War II veterans were treated recently in Washington D.C. was outrageous! They were denied entrance to an outdoor memorial that never needed security in the first place, but because Barack Obama wanted to throw a little temper tantrum about yet another sequester, barricades and guards were set in place to keep everyone out.  I am confident that if Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI) had been alive at that time, he would have stood with his elderly brothers and sisters!  He must have cried when he looked down from heaven that week!!

With few exceptions such as police officers and fire fighters, those entitled to these earned benefits were willing to put their lives on the line and many did. Consider the case of  Maj. Jason Brezler, an Annapolis graduate and exceptional Marine Corps officer, as if that was not enough he also serves as a New York City fire fighter. Maybe Maj. Brezler should just be grateful that his dismissal is with an honorable discharge.  Many of us were concerned that he could have been sent packing under reprimands of disgrace with no benefits at all.  What was his crime?


After a tour of combat duty, Maj. Brezler was state side when some of his buddies back in Afghanistan were concerned enough to email him for information about a Taliban connected child molester that had been allowed to return on base. Upon this news Maj. Brezler acted immediately, but unfortunately in his rush he had used his private yahoo account to inform his fellow Marines about the danger of that particular individual.  Upon realizing that he had sent the information out on an open network and being the good soldier that he was, Brezler reported the incident to his superior officers and at the time it was determined that no harm had been done. The real harm was inflicted by those who ignored his warning, because about a week later 3 young marines were senselessly slaughtered and one survived 5 bullet wounds from an individual connected to the person in question. Perhaps, if Maj. Brezler had only been a woman, ruthless in her ambition to be the first female president at any cost, use of a private rather than government email account to conduct government business on a regular basis would be forgiven. Of course erasing any evidence of treason that may have been committed against the American people is not possible unless you own the server, (CYA) cover your ass lady, right? Real heroes are not slick, self serving, egotistical snake oil salesmen like some, but not all, of our most experienced politicians. Yes, Hillary, I mean you!!

The transparency and willingness of Jason Brezler to own up to his actions makes this Commander in Chief look like a comedy act. The real pity here is that Maj. Brezler loved the Marine Corps and wanted to remain. That brother/sisterhood has lost one of it’s finest members and now the nation is less secure, could that be another Obama goal? Then again this is one less career officer that the government would be expected to pay retirement benefits to. 

Let’s Talk About Presidential Benefits

The Former Presidents Act of 1958, provides several lifetime benefits to former presidents of the United States. The Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012 (Public Law 112-257), declares that all living former presidents and their spouses are entitled to receive lifetime Secret Service protection, a pension, staff and office expenses, as well as medical care or health insurance and speaking of health insurance…

Update on Obama’s lackadaisical rush to set the example and sign up for Obamacare.  According to Fox News, he did it, or rather his staff did it for him over the weekend.  So President Obama was enrolled through the District of Columbia exchange and the transaction was made in person, rather than through the website,

because his personal information is not readily available in the government databases used to verify identities.

Now doesn’t that symbolic gesture make you want to rush right out and sign up? If only we, the American people could do it “in person” but then our information is “readily” available in government databases which have grown much more intrusive under this administration. So Obama’s people plugged in some bogus information, surely they included his smoking habit but did they include the history of those mysterious scars on his head? Brain surgery? Siamese twin separation? No, that is a wild theory? Whatever medical information that was submitted on Obama’s behalf, you can be sure that it was innocuous.  What remains interesting is that his personal information is not “readily available” in the government databases used to verify identities. Why not?  I mean this is one of the arguments that has arisen over the last five years, his identity. Of course this president has seen to it that all of his personal records are sealed from public scrutiny.  I charge that because a president works for us,  he/she does not have the right to do that!

As to the President’s health care, we do not expect him to submit to a government reception area where the unwashed masses of the next few years who can’t afford  to pay their water bills will be gathered, while that one doctor or nurse can get the public details of their last bowel movements or STDs and then dispense some ‘made in China’ medication  for their needs. Privacy?  Don’t be selfish!  We are all connected. One medical professional will be expected to care for many people, so think of others and get to know your neighbors. Obama would at least have a private room and the sycophantic press would never publish a diagram of his hemorrhoids, like it did to President Carter years ago, even Ann Landers was outraged.

Perchance Barack Obama did not want to sign up for Obamacare through the website, because doing so would require him to divulge his true identity (SSN) and medical history on a site that is unsecured.  Then of course, there remains the possibility that customer service could be navigated by a felon. However, many of them are sure to be his buddies and fellow community organizers from ACORN, so I am sure they would have covered for him.  Yet, tabloid temptation is still a risk….  again, the public might find out about those curious scars!  

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Just so you know, former presidents are entitled to medical treatment in military hospitals and pay for this at inter agency rates that are set up by the Office of Management and Budget. Two-term presidents may buy health insurance under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, which may not be a comfort to future presidents.

Seriously, according to a PDF written by Barbara L. Schwemle, of the Government and Finance Division, “President of the United States: Compensation”. Congressional Research Service. 29 November 2012, former presidents receive a taxable pension equal to the head of an executive department (Executive Level I), as of 2012 $199,700. Is that why Obama used that nice round figure of $200,000 or was it $250,000 to mark the middle class during the 2008 election? This pension begins immediately after a president’s departure from office. Was Barack Obama thinking of his golden years, which for him would begin at age 55, if he finishes his term in 2016. If she relinquishes any other statutory pension, a former president’s widow may be paid a lifetime annual pension of $20,000, Does, that mean that Michelle will be shopping at Walmart?  We can only dream.

Then there is transition funding for the expenses of leaving office, which is available for seven months. It covers office space, staff compensation, communications services, and printing and postage associated with the transition. Private office staff and related funding is provided by the Administrator of the General Services Administration. Persons employed under this subsection are selected by and responsible only to the former president for the performance of their duties. Each former president fixes basic rates of compensation for persons employed for him (or her), not exceeding an annualized total of $150,000 for the first 30 months and $96,000 thereafter.  Smith, Stephanie (2008-03-18). “Former Presidents:FederalPensionandRetirementBenefits” (PDF).Congressional Research ServiceU.S. Senate

On January 10, 2013, President Barack Obama signed legislation reinstating lifetime Secret Service protection for himself, George W. Bush, and all subsequent presidents. He may have begrudgingly included George Bush, but Barack Obama was certainly thinking about the needs of his own future.  On the other hand, as much as the Left hated Richard Nixon, at least he relinquished his Secret Service protection in 1985, and was the only president to do so. According to his assistant John Taylor, “His sole reason was to save money for the government”. Sharkey, Nancy (1985-07-28). “Follow-Up On The News; Nixon Guards”. The New York Times 

Now I can see how some former presidents might need a little protection for a few years after they leave Office, but for a lifetime? As far as I am concerned, Obama can call on his connections in Chicago to assure his safety.  If he needs more income he can write another fantasy novel about his life or maybe call on Bill Ayers again, to ghost write it for him. 

I don’t know about Jimmy Carter’s situation, but like all presidents he lived comfortably before he became a presidential candidate in 1975.  He may not have been the best president, but he tried and I do believe that he loves this country.  All the rest of them, Republican and Democrat alike are wealthy and well connected.  Let them hire their own body guards and secretaries.  As to their pensions, that should definitely be cut by no less than 50%.  However, a president that has continued to bash a wounded economy and increase the deficit to an absurd level as quickly as this president has done, with scandals of corruption, IRS persecution and dereliction of duty that caused the deaths of numerous Americans, no pension what-so-ever!  Presidential Library are you kidding me!!  I would go for it if Obama would donate all files about ‘Fast and Furious’, Benghazi, IRS, API and every other scandal that he says he did not know about.  

Barack Obama owes the American people and he “should pay his fair share.”  These are just a few of my ideas, but I am working on more.    Aloha

Now for a little more transparency, here are a few informative links that you may find amusing:  

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4 thoughts on “Pension Cuts For The Military, Let’s Cut The Presidential Retirement Benefits!”

  1. You are right, but the country as a whole will suffer as big government squeezes harder. We must not let this happen. Veterans feel it first because they are subject to the natural constraints of their position as designed by terms of the Constitution. That is why we must understand what is going on, organize and start to push back. A provision in the Constitution gives us a way to do that, which some have been working on. I will have more information on that effort soon.

  2. The Congress is made up of many different individuals from opposing political perspectives, so to expect them to agree most of the time is unrealistic and their job is often very frustrating. This President is making their jobs much more difficult because his politics are so extreme that he is basically against everything this nation stands for. You are right to send a message of dissatisfaction to your representatives and if you think that cutting their benefits is merited, then let them know. My point is that presidential benefits can take a hit, especially this President. Barack Obama is a national disgrace and is turning this country into a police state. The Congress needs to check his power and some among them are trying but they do not have enough members on board yet to make it happen, they need more rage from the voices of their constituents to be effective. Then we have the US Supreme Court, which has been a big disappointment in recent years. Perhaps some Justices should also be impeached.
    While I would never want to see a former president on the street with a tin cup in his hands, so too our veterans should never expect such a future. Lets send a message to this President and all presidents that they are not immune from review and that being president is not a gig that will guarantee comfort for the rest of their lives, especially if they intentionally screw the American people. Thank you for your comment and have a wonderful Christmas with those you love. Aloha

  3. I think the whole mess of politicians in Congress should be cut in benefits and pay because we all know the lousy job they all do. For them to cut our military pay is a disgrace to them and our country. So this is what they leave their guts, arms and legs on the battlefield for huh. This group of Republicans and Democrats are in no interest at all for USA citizens. They are there only for power and how they can fill their own pockets. Shame shame on them but they don’t care.

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