US Troops Engage in Hostile Fire With ISIS

No Boots On The Ground!

That Story Has Certainly Changed!!

US troops engaged in hostile fire with ISIS terrorists over the weekend in a fight that the Iraqis are not ready to counter without US brothers in arms. Now more US troops will be returning to Iraq in just a few short weeks.

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So except for minimal advisory support, Barack Obama ended the War in Iraq? Yea sure, in your dreams Obama! This fraudulent president can sell his wishful thinking to someone else! According to ShaFaq News,  a professional media information site of the Faili Kurds that covers reporting for all Iraqi provinces and the Kurdistan Region, Americans are getting involved again. In fact, the trouble in Iraq is starting to heat up again and that means more American troops will be sacrificed at the alter of this president’s failure to act earlier when ISIS could have been more easily contained. However, the Obama’s still plan to enjoy their Christmas vacation in Hawaii, my goodness doesn’t that make us all feel better!

In the early hours of Sunday morning, 14 Dec. 2014, US Special Forces engaged hostile fire with members of  ISIS for the first time and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy. In a counter-attack carried out by tribal forces of the Iraqi army near Ein al-Asad base, west of Anbar province, US military personnel partnered with Iraqi forces to repel a sudden ISIS assault and successfully drove them from the al-Dolab area, which lies 10 kilometers from the Ain al-Assad base. F18 Hornets provided air support so that US troops could assist Iraqi forces and repel the armed aggression with only light and medium weapons against the enemy’s heavier fire power. 

Sheikh Mahmud Nimrawi, a prominent tribal leader in the region, explained that, 

Because ISIS militants were aggressively advancing close to the base, US forces were forced to intervene out of self defense. The Sheikh declared that US intervention was a very welcomed asset to the ranks of his warriors and hoped that it would not be the last. 

Furthermore, he told Shafaq News that the US had promised to provide his fighters with more weapons. 16 December 2014, Shafaq News

This event occurred early Sunday morning on 14 Dec., as of Thursday 18 Dec., ISIS had effectively besieged a military/police headquarters west of Ramadi, by preventing the arrival of reinforcements and food items.  At this time the security forces stationed at the post are forced to endure a very difficult situation due to the acute shortage of food and water.

So What Does This Mean For the United States?

Yep, you guessed it.  As discreetly reported by Fox and various other news networks as a minor story. The fact that more US troops will be sent to Iraq after the holidays does not meet the priority of North Korea’s cyber crimes or Obama’s warm embrace of a fellow Marxist thug, Fidel Castro. How he must envy Castro’s power without accountability!

In the meantime, some families and friends of active duty military personnel must prepare to kiss their loved ones goodbye, because the next wave of American troops will begin to deploy to Iraq in just a few weeks. Lt. Gen. James Terry, who leads the U.S. campaign to defeat ISIS, cautions that it will take at least three years to build the capabilities of the Iraqi military so they are up to the task of planning and executing their own operations to regain contested areas such as Mosul. 

Though some concerns do exist among America’s top brass that Iraq’s military is far from ready to undertake an ambitious desire to retake Mosul, the largest city in northern Iraq, out going Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said last week, that the U.S. is working with senior Iraqi leaders on plans to launch such a counter offensive and yes, US troops are likely to be involved.

In writing this story, the game plan is changing by the hour and I can barely keep up. Just hours ago, Haaretz, a news organization from Israel reports that the Pentagon has authorized 1300 more troops to Iraq. This is in addition to 1,500 troops that Obama authorized in November. About 1,000 soldiers will be from a combat team based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and they are individuals with counterintelligence, logistical and communication skills. However, Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said at a news briefing that,

Their mission will be to train, advise and assist Iraqi security forces.

Excuse me, but haven’t we heard that one before? Is that not how Vietnam began under John F. Kennedy, except this time we already have a serious history in Iraq? One other thought that I must press forward, ISIS is not only interested in slaughtering Kurds and anyone else that does not measure up to their sick standards, they are particularly eager to fight Americans and will work hard to do so. As a result, we can only hope that our people can just be left to do their jobs and train Iraqis, but let us prepare for the worst.

Good News!

Just hours ago U.S.-backed Kurdish forces broke through a month long siege held by ISIS militants on Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq. This assault opened a corridor for thousands of Yezidi civilians that had been trapped there since August and is the biggest victory against the terrorist group so far. Masrour Barzani, the head of the Kurdistan Region Security Council, was quoted by Kurdish broadcaster Rudaw as saying, 

Peshmerga forces were able to connect with their brothers on Mount Shingal (Sinjar) after launching a military operation. 19 Dec. 2014, Haaretz

Thousands of civilians, mainly members of the Yezidi minority, fled to the mountain in August after the militant group captured the northern town of Sinjar. That three ISIS leaders were killed by US air strikes that aided the Kurdish triumph, makes my day. Yet, make no mistake, more heads will sprout on this loathsome hydra called ISIS.

I am not against US efforts to train and equip Iraqi forces to secure their own country against evil outlaw extremists. In fact, I see fighting ISIS as a noble cause. However, will our people risk their lives only to have them taken by insider attacks? What of the US blood and treasury that has already been squandered by many, but not all, self serving and religiously prejudiced Iraqis who after the dust of war settled the first time, reverted back to the Dar al Islam  (House of Islam) – Dar al Harb (House of War) mentality, which is an us, verses them mindset? Will our troops face war crime charges because they were not nice enough to an ISIS detainee if extracting information should become necessary? As Commander in Chief, Barack Obama has proven time and time again that he does not really care about his troops, nor does he respect them? Serving at the orders of such a president is a very uncomfortable place for members of the military to be. Yet,when they are commanded to go, they must follow orders. If required to fight, human decency should guide the rules of engagement, but common sense must not be thrown out the window for the sake of “leveling out the playing field.” That ridiculous idea must not be allowed to stand! If required to engage the enemy, our troops must be allowed to fight to win!!!

 American blood is not cheap!

Let us stay on top of what is happening in Iraq and pray for our men and women in uniform, with Barack Obama in charge, they will need it!

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